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The British Consumer Index is a trading name of DataTalk Research Ltd

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British Consumer Index

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Segment Intelligence

The British Consumer Index has 11 commercial segmentation models coded into the data bring far greater understanding to each segment than the standard segment descriptors ever can.


Users of these models will gain an up to date accurate picture of the detailed composition of each segment by any or all of the BCI data points.


For those who have developed their own segmentation models the British Consumer Index can be coded with individual organisations own segment codes. This adds a wealth of knowledge about the segments and also permits comparison and indexing against all 11 commercial segmentations.


BCI Segment Intelligence provides the opportunity to index any segment against a target market, other segments, what they are likely to buy, influences to purchase, communication channel preference and any other combination of variables covered by BCI.


Because BCI has been collecting this data since 2008 all of these things can be analysed over time to see how they have and are changing.


Segment Intelligence can include any combination of BCI variables (for the full list of available variables click HERE)

For more details of how Segment Intelligence works


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