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Over 50's

Every month we go out and actually talk to around 2,500 people aged 50 and over.


This means that we can really delve into the multitude of sub groups that make up this important section of the population.


We routinely monitor things like their uptake of technology, how they access the internet, their on line behavior and much more.


We can also look at them in the context of the rest of the population to see just where different sections of this group differ from other age groups. Plus, because we have been collecting the information since 2008 we can look at how the movement of different cohorts through the age ranges affects the overall picture. People in their 60s now were in their 50s when we started monitoring them.


We can supply custom data sets focusing on the aspects of this group that individual organisations are interested in and, add specific questions that they need the answers to.


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