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Disabled consumers’ access and use of communications services
Ofcom report based on British Population Survey data.

Who will spend big this Christmas?
Latest analysis of BCI Data by CACI

Election Result does nothing to restore Confidence.
Financial Optimism continues to fall post election.

Financial Optimism Falls Pre Election
Will this be a repeat of 2010?

Financial Optimism
See the latest (Q1 2015) quarterly presentation of the BPS/CACI analysis of Shopper Confidence HERE.

The New Influencers
There are a powerful group of people who influence governments, companies and public opinion. See who they are HERE (MRS Research Now Article)

Financial Optimism Recovers in October, Particularly in Scotland!

Tesco Stuck in the Middle?

The On-line Opinion Poll that could cost £13.2 billion

Financial Optimism Falls in September, particularly in Scotland

Consumers rediscovering their ears
The last year has seen some interesting trends in the way consumers are reacting to advertising channels. One channel which has seen a distinct change in the way consumers are reacting to it is Radio.

Email, forget acquisition it’s now purely a relationship tool (see Digital Strategy Consulting article)

Has digital made traditional media 'novel'?
6 year trend data reveals changes in consumer attitudes to marketing communication channels.

Why ITV are right to be optimistic.

Q3 2013 Door Drops Relative to Other Channels
BCI looks at the current situation and the trends in the relative recall, acceptability and responsvness to Marketing Channels.

Real friends and family most Influential
Real Friends and Family over twenty times more influential than Social Media Friends

Not Everyone is On Line.
One in Five people in Britain do not use the internet. Surprisingly over a quarter of them have a computer.

In Brief

Mobile Marketing, the New Junk Mail?

The British Consumer Index now has the 2014 versions of Acorn geodemographic codes.

Our very own Dr Tim Drye has climbed yet another podium. Folowing on from winning the Data Strategy Award and becoming the 2013 addition to the DMA wall of fame. May 1st saw him pick up the title of Data Scientist of the Year at the Data IQ awards.

Almost half of those who do not use the internet are under 65 yrs old.

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