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Understanding acceptability of channel is impossible to gauge from response stats yet is vital in avoiding brand damage.

We have coded the data by each permutation of Past Response, Future Response and Acceptability to enable Channel 'scores' to be calculated with whatever weightings users feel appropriate. This enables channels to be ranked relative to one another for any given profile or segment of consumers.

The 'Focus Data Set' contains segment codes from Acorn, Cameo, Censation, Mosaic, Personicx, P2 and OAC.

It can also be coded with individual organisations own segments with our Segment Intelligence process.

The data can be downloaded in an Excel (2010) Pivot Table for ease of analysis, charting etc at a cost of £ 350.

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Marketing Channels Focus Data Set

Included in this 'Focus Data Set' is the 12 months to
December 2014 data on:

Recipt, Responce, Acceptability and Future Responce to 23 different Marketing Communication Channels.

Basic Demographics (Gender, Age Band, Lifestage, Social Grade, Region and Chief Income Earner indicator and geodemographic segmentations from:

Personix Geo

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