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Intelligence Products

The Intelligence suites of products provide effective solutions to some of today’s most challenging marketing intelligence problems.


We hear a lot about BIG Data, but in many cases it relates to behavior only. The problem of 'Digital Anonymity' means organisations have a wealth of data on how customers and prospects behave when they are on their websits but nothing about them as people.


The BCI Intelligence products are designed to alow marketers to understand more about their customers and potential markets. They use the wide ranging robust data from the British Consumer Index to add `Real World`information to segments, email addresses and telephone numbers. In addition, the Data Bridge alows other research data to be added to the mix.


Real world data which informs targeting, proposition, communication channel and, for businesses with an advertising model, vital audience profiles.


Details of the Ìntelligence`products can be found by clicking th links on the right, emailing [email protected] or calling 0203 286 1981

Segment Intelligence 

Segment Intelligence provides greater understanding of customer and prospect segments whether they are commercial segmentations such as Acorn or Mosaic or an organisations own model.

Email Intelligence

A common problem for many organisations, particularly those with an entirely on line presence is knowing their customers and prospects. They know how they behave on their website but, in many instances, that is all they know.

Email Intelligence changes that. It provides a wealth of knowlage about the owners of the email addresses.

Telephone Intelligence

In much the same way as Email Intelligence works for email Telephone Intelligence works for telephone numbers.

Postcode Intelligence

Often the billing system holds the key to customer insight. Postcode Intelligence is designed to take customer postcodes and value (often held in the billing not marketing database) and add real intelligence.

The Data Bridge

This enables research data such as TGI etc. to be integrated directly into customer and prospect databases. This provides a direct, analysable link which allows far more precise application of research findings. The Data Bridge, used in conjunction with the other Intelligence Products, forms a cohesive linkage of multiple data sources into a single, integrated view.