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Financial Optimism

How people feel about their financial prospects is key to much of their behavior. Each month The British Consumer Index tests the financial mood of the nation by asking people how they think their personal financial position will be in three months’ time. We ask it on a 5 point scale from Much Better to Much Worse and set the answers against all the other data we collect about them.


This means that not only can we tell the mood of the different sections of the population but, by linking it to other modules, we can see the likely effect on things like purchase behavior and influences to purchase.


We can even link it to Marketing Communication Channel preferences and, of course, all the geodemographic segmentation models.


It can also be coded with individual organisations own segments with our Segment Intelligence process.


For full details of the variables we have selected for this 'Focus Data Set'

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Highlights from The British Consumer Index Financial Optimism Index September 2014


• Optimism falls for the second month


• Optimists outnumber pessimists but the gap is narrowing


• Scottish optimism fell sharply in the run up to the          referendum


• People who respond to on line surveys are more optimistic than the population in general