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Data Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions of Use the words 'The British Population Survey' includes 'The British Marketing Survey' and British Consumer Index.

By purchasing an access to data from The British Population Survey you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Use, and to any subsequent revisions published from time to time on this website

DataTalk Research Limited takes great care to ensure that the data supplied in The British Population Survey is accurate. However, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss of any nature that results from the use of, or reliance upon, the data however caused.

The User is permitted to use the data for any lawful purpose, subject to the provisions and restrictions herein.


The data is for the sole use of the purchaser, it may not de copied or distributed in any way except as set out below.


In particular, Users are permitted to publish limited extracts from, and charts or small tables based upon, the data, subject at all times to the following conditions :-


1. When any such information is published or passed on in any way, the ‘The British Population Survey’ or 'The British Marketing Survey'  or ‘The British Consumer Index’ must be quoted as the source of the data, whichever is appropriate to the data being used.

2. It must be made clear that any interpretation or analysis of the data is solely provided by the publishing User, and is not the opinion of ‘The British Population Survey’.

3. The use of data extracted from any data sets supplied by the British Population Survey for the purposes of creating, or enhancing, commercial information sources of any nature or otherwise for any financial gain is expressly excluded from these Terms and Conditions of Use.


Separate contracts of Use are available to interested parties, who should contact the British Population Survey in the first instance.


The British Population Survey and DataTalk Research Limited take no responsibility for any interpretation or analysis of the data or any conclusions drawn from it.

These Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to change from time to time, and it is the responsibility of the User to review the current version whenever they purchase or otherwise acquire an updated access licence.


Dated :- 22 April 2014