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Celebrates 6 years of Trend Data.

British Consumer Index – Marketing Communications; Now updated to Q2 2008 to Q2 2014

Marketing communication has changed dramatically over the last few years with more channel options than ever before. As consumers get used to these new channels their receptiveness to them changes with the initial novelty giving way to familiarity then, sometimes, irritation.

The British Consumer Index (BCI) is the only study which has been monitoring these trends and now had 6 years of monthly trend data. It provides marketers with vital data on how different types of consumers are reacting to each communication channel. The full data is now available in a fully analysable Excel Pivot Table format, see below for details. For more details click HERE.

Comparative trends can be seen either at a population level or specific to a target audience, even an individual organisations’ own segmentation. The data can also be linked to other customer or research data using the BCI Data Bridge, a technique developed by BCI.

To mark the 6th anniversary BCI is making available, for the first time, the full back data from March 2008 in a fully analysable, Excel Pivot Table format.

The data can be downloaded HERE, the first 25 downloads will be at a special reduced price of £5,000 a 50% discount on the normal price of £10,000.

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