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The British Consumer Index is a trading name of DataTalk Research Ltd

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British Consumer Index

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About The British Consumer Index

The British Consumer Index (BCI) is the only study which monitors trends in consumers’ response and receptivity to marketing communication channels, intention to purchase, influences to purchase and financial optimism.


It now had 6 years of monthly trend data providing marketers with vital data on how the different types of consumers are changing. The full data is now available for insight, modeling and integration with customer and prospect data via the BCI ‘Data Bridge’.


This data adds a vital additional dimension to behavioral data, which only looks at how someone behaves within the confines of their relationship with the organisation. It takes no account of the individual outside of that relationship.


As an example; many companies’ customer and prospect data contains behaviors and email address but nothing about the people themselves.


BCI Email Intelligence links email addresses to British Consumer Index data to provide detailed profiles plus; it can then link this data to other sources of intelligence such as TGI etc. This combined data can then enhance customer/prospect databases and colour segmentations.


A complete picture of the organisations’ customers and prospects is then available for both acquisition and retention/CRM joining the two together for truly integrated marketing. It can be fully integrated with the marketing database and segmentation model.

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Segment Intelligence

BCI Segment Intelligence is a technique which applies the BCI to individual segments.


BCI includes 11 different segmentation models as standard (Acorn, Cameo, Censation, Mosaic, Personicx, P2 and OAC) users of these tools can easily apply BCI data directly to their segments.


Segment Intelligence can also be applied to individual organisations own segmentation models. This not only provids a detailed, up to date, understanding of each segment but also adds to the knowlage about each segment.


Segment Intellegence applies insight directly to segments making them relevant and actionable.